Monday, January 25, 2010

My first of 2010

well now is actualy late to say but happy new year but had to say it anyway lolz hahahahah as to kick start the year me had to go to KL with my family for a vacation and i say it sucks but some good things did happen hahahahahahahaha ok lah for last few reamaining days after hobbycon i went to work in sadong were i sell keropok lekor hahahahahaha even new year i had to work but i was fun hahahaha here are some pics

had to take this one pic so cute seeing to cats sleep like this and this not done on purpose they actualy slept like this . the balck and white kitty is mine the other one was thrown away by some bastard she came to house in a bad condition we call her c tempang coz when she came her back left leg was fractured i think


hahahah sorry for the poor quality of the pic


hmmmm 2009 is quite a year with so much happening here and there, well as the year close to an end i was quite buzy with so much things and haven't got much time to blog about hahahaa

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