Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Fever!!!!

hahahah it has been three months since my last post and when i decided to post it oledy the World Cup.
hahah my 4th time world cup my first one was the 1994 world cup and i remembered where my dad woke me up at 3 am to see the Brazil took the world cup at lot has happened since that hahahahaha i am not a passion football fan but when it comes to the world cup i am always passionate for my teams during those world cup i gained some team i become to love numbah 1 is Brazil of course their the reason i love football numbah 2 is Japan no reason for that one and the last one is Germany one team from each continent, last world cup japan was not that fortunate but there is hope this time i wanna to see all of my fav to go to the semis and i realy want to see a asian country bring home the world cup.

The other reason is about the true power of the game where else when u can see people from all walk of life band together to root their fav teams, thats the only time where strangers can talk about football like their know each other for a long time, but thats the good thing the bad things is Gambling hmm.... man just why there will always be gambling involve the sport can live without that but why why u guys have to make bets hmmm... what ever i even bet sometimes but never with money only braging rights hahahahahahah XD.

the last reason is the Music it always where new artist shine and this Worldcup songs are Gewd i have Dl all three of them just like the music a blend of local and modern and i love the song by shakira and kanaan they song truly show the sprits of the game .

hahaha plz enjoy