Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hail Dr Mahathir!!!!!!!!

hahahah it is has been a while since my last post , ok lah today i gonna rant about our 4th prime minister the famous and infamous Dr Mahathir Mohammad( is my spelling right lol XD)

well to the new generation and to tourist that read this blog I can say that Dr M is the father of Malaysia. Well for it took me 21 years to relized this I just relized this after reading his book "The Malay Dilema" and watching his Biography on the History channel on astro.

To some people and most politician during his time he was considered a dictator,a racist and maybe EVIL but after reading his book then i realized he is just a true malay guy that is trying to look after his race development . Ok when the new generation think about Dr M they will always remember him for the Petronas Twin towers but to tell you guys Dr M legacy is way beyond that. Aha i know you are thinking what else his others legacy are the punch card, Wawasan 2020, MSC and the new capital of Malaysia that is Putrajaya, well when we think we know him actualy we dont even know him.

Dr Mahathir politic life was smooth sailing but it was rough with some world leaders realy detest him such as Israel when he made some remarks about the JEWS

Dr M quote " The Jews rule the world by Proxy, they use other to their work for them"

and he even mock Gorge W Bush by saying that he is a guy that dont know anything around him and wants every nation in the world to bow to the US. Well after that there is a lot more but he made enemy but he made a lot of friends also, we owe it to him where He made we malaysian think that what others can do we can do and after that the term "MALAYSIA BOLEH" was born due to his look east policies by taking Japan as as role model.

with that sprit it was shown that we malaysian has achive so much like concering everest, Space, the North pole , and also we has done may thing it was all to him

Hmm hahaha now i dont what else to talk about so this the end till me meet later