Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1 borneo Outing!!!!!

went out with CSP geng last sat at 1B , saja saja join coz lama i did not hang out with them hahahahaha coz i went there with my cuz ryuzaki and wanted to destress for one week sleeping in the SMC , went and join them to watch avatar

aduh punya sakit the ticket RM10 for a pangung kacil macam di growballll WTF nasib the movie was worth the money , best bha now i know alien pun pandai buat SEX wakakakakakakakakakaka but the most funny thing is the aliens are BLUE hahahah sakuya cant accept the fact when joana said biru and biru hahahahaha

ok lah the movie was good hahahahaahahaha it has the most powerful pickup line eva (spoiler alert)

Heroine: now you have become one of us you must chose a woman ,............. is a good hunter,....... is a good singer
Hero: I have oledy chosen my woman but she must choose me
Heroine: She has oledy choosen

then u know what come next but the Epic moment is this

supporting characther: Have u mated with this woman?
Heroine: yes we did in front of .......... and it is done

i was laughing when i heard that one bha after that we did take a group photo hahahahahahahaa there some funny shit happens we got a stalker and Mas taken some good candid pics

hahahahaha think of your caption mah

after that we went to eat , OMG punya lapar sya masa tue kick ehhhh jd after a wild goose chase for a good eating spot we all decided to eat at the food court and i gladly to tell you the place sucks!!! everything pun teda and the ordering system is so bad and my gawd it is so expensive liao sakit owhhhhh after that me and ryuzaki went home with zack's help , Thanks Zack i owe u my life XD

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