Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hmmmm a new year !!!

Hah one year just passed by,goodbye 2008 and hello 2009 its time to close the book on what happened last year and hope a new dawn of hope on this new year well starting this 5 of jan i will be starting college again after a 3 month holiday LOL and i cannot wait to see my college again wakakakakakaka............

so what do i expect this 2009 there not much i guest but something i can guess wakakakakakaka for example i will not get a gf this year also wakakakaka and 14 feb there will be another valentines day outing again and will be join by the same crew again lol if that happens again we will be laughing again wakakakakakaka..........another thing is maybe hobbycon will be held again muahahahahahahahahaha... cant wait for that.

will be still being a guy that just living my life the way i want(maybe) get a superb job(maybe) and lastly i just hope to finish my studies lol wakakakakkakakakakakakakakka

Saturday, December 27, 2008

the aftermath

hahaha guys ......... still sleepywoke up at 8 this morn to the delicious aroma to curry wakakakaka................ that actualy woke me , man i just cant fight that smell wakakakaka..... yesterday was the CSP party at imperial hotel hahaha it was damn funny nie wakakakakakakaka i havent have that much laughing this month hahaha........ looking at the charade was so damn gg funny nie ...... dias got pwned nie by dizzy punya description wakakakakakaka.........i felt sorry for dias ...... after all of that we went to jade for a couple of sets and a few games of pool after that we all went to another drinking party and a even huge laughing matter wakakakaka.................... ok la like zack said what happened in 2312 stay in 2312 wakakakaka sorry lah no pic again coz i forgot my camera aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thursday, December 25, 2008


huh...... finaly dapat bloging after a few day of damn GG conection ....... merry christmas guys for all of you guys that will celebrating it but anyways it was prety good day for me hahahah........

today i went to test the new cyber near my place and it was ok i got to play Left4dead hahahaha at last my thirst is quech wakakaka

Monday, December 15, 2008

ouch !!!!!!!!

hmmm... did not get cukup sleep today hahaha...... i slept at 5 this morn .... lol due playing dynasty warior on the psp punya adiictive ......lawl..... after 6 hour of sleep i woke up wit nasty join pains ..... when i try to think what cause it i remember about yesterday lol maybe i just shok my body to much maklumlah lately i have been sitting at home much and being a couch potato lol........

and today is a Monday and one of the day yang sya paling malas mau buat apa-apa lol at least i got sick on a monday lol......

Sunday, December 14, 2008

futsall and frissbee!!!! weeee

Huh ,what a sunday i had woke up at 8 this morning super early for my standard lol i usualy wake up at 2 or 3 pm wakakakakkaa... well had woke up early today coz at two i went to play futsal wuth rainer and the other cspian.... well bikin panat bah tu game liao ..... i can only play for 40 min max due to my nafas dunhill wakakaka..... but that ok i almost fainted liao................ injured my knee wakakaka but that is just a scrath nothing like rainer yang 10 min into the game injured his neck and can't play for the rest of the game ....... lol after the futsal i tag along with dino and dias to tg aru to see them playing frissbe well it took me a while to figure out the rules and alstly join the game lol hah it was hell of a day

Thursday, December 11, 2008

karaoke night!!!!!!!

Hmmmm……. Just got online nie punya shit my sis snatch the broadband and lock her romm damn so I cannot go online this morning at 2 just after we got home from the last minute karaoke session which I, dori, flan, alien, and clay went at karamunsing KKbox hahaha………… ok lah just 10 ringgit and we we to karaoke for 5 hours hahahahaha just have to buy the tidbids for 7 other than than nothing else ……….

Surely we did karaoke ‘The Eye of the tiger” that is a must also I got see flan punya talent gg giler , punya banyak we all sang and many jugalah di kasi rusak by me with my sumbang punya voice wakakkaa……….. I sang isabela, standing in the eye of the world, and others ………… man I hope we all can go lagie wakakakakkakakakaka it was fun

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2nd day .........

hmmm ......... the 2hobbycon is 2nd day of is going to start anytime soon exactly 1 hour from now lah ......damn so ngantuk kima.................................. anyways be ready to hear from me coz i will be bloging from time time ............... see you guys

hahahaha i will be playing for sealed deck i got but today i hope that i will have some bad card so i wont be so dissapointed lol hahahah............

lol i lost the game lah tapi paling sot lah when playing the shard punya set wakakakak susah giler but any ways hobbycon 2008 has ended got so many pic for that day it was a blast with some best cosaplayer ariving wow and i was better than last year ... so much funny moments with the gang

well it was a sensation man got to see the MGS4, play fret of fire with the Xbox 360 punya gitar,
see some preety awesome cosplayer, got see my nee chan, gonnaa miss mika

hmmm..... after that we all went for the group photo but bulih lupa rob and the gang nie wakakakakaaka punya sandi then got again the csp group photo 2nd session wakakakakakaka....
funny jugalah after all of that was over went to grace point for food and we part our way except shiver,dori,me ,nico, clay,zero we went to jade for a couple of drinks and gme of pool so see you next year Hobbycon 2008

hobbycon 2008 first day

hmmm.......... at last i deciceded to start bloging so this will be my first blog..... anyways i hope you guys will give me more tips to beef up my blog

so for my first blog i am going to blog about this year hobbycon hmm the first day just fin about 5 hours ago and almost everybody was bushed and mentally tired terutama the magic players such a stressfull day and a new champion was crowned ... that is edwin so we cannot call colin the champion anymore wakakak.. just kidding he will be always the champion

anyways other than that i was one of the volunteer for this year hobbycon but watching over the figures aint that fun most of the time is boring but luckyly there was nerdpride there to talk to me and he is one cool guy and i was impresed he came all the way from sandakan to join this year hobbycon well the duty i was given was watching over the 1/6 scale model along with my cousin ,hangmen,hangmen bro,nerdpride and i dun remember whos the other guy lol(sori)

thats nerdpride siting behind the figurrines...... anyways other than that next to us is the maid cafe hahahaha... at last a maid cafe here in kk but only for two days wakakaka u can see joana cosplaying as maid sori lah the pic is small and hangmen cosplay this year and he got quite famous for today with his special forces costume

other than that the cosplayers for this year is has increased and there were a lot of good cosplayers these are some of the pic lah ...... hope tomorow will be more damn good

hmm other than that i got the tatse of left 4 dead man and it was fun and it eventhought i was scared playimg that game and made some funny reaction wakaka..... RA3 is also okay but nothing has change that much for that game just the graphic up lift and the new super power that is japan nothing much liao

so tomorow will the last day so enjoy my self again with all of the guys and i hope that i will be playin for the sealed deck tourney tomolo and more pics will be coming wkakaka