Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hmm 3 days of forgetfullness

Hmm nothing happened in the last few days …… it is just a normal day …tomorrow class will start went to kk this day went to buy some new pen for college lolls …… all of pens either lost or finished ink …. Right noe On the bus heading for Tg aru for a frissbee session but not playing today planning on taking pics and bloging muahahahahahahaha …… also got to see a H2 hummer with Californian license plat hmm got to and one my dream car lol I dun know how much the guy is paying for his road tax and oil consumtion lol must be a freaking rich guy muahahahahhaahahaha…………………………… I want to go and take as much pic that I can so that I can compensate for the lack pic the recent blog muahhahahahahaha………………………. Got to save money for the cornflux pre-release party another 70 ringgau ….another 30 for the draft next week muahahahahahaha……… I need to draft for improving my game to be in league with Vivian and the rest hahahahahahahahaha …………….. just hoping for great 2009 nothing else ……. And working on my secondary blog that I hope will be a blast and it will be about food muahahahahahahah…….. my second love so hope u guys will visit it

hahahahah the post above was actualy done on sunday but forgot to post it , bah due to my own kecuaian to for forgeting to blog,sya just pick up what happened on for the next two days

ok on monday, aha .... my classes have started hahahahaha.......but being the first week malas mau datang but have to come jugalah even if its bikin panas ya bha apa ndak panas you woke up early, in my case 8 am and later know that the class was at 10.40(this was me own fault that i did not see the time table bagus bagus)ok when got into class just sit for 5 mins and told da class is over (WTF)hahahah went to meet Paul A.K.A nex on the forum about a job offer at 3 and then not much happened

now on selasa , lagi shit happend woke up the same time went to class and later found out that my lecturer MC fuck! two days of wsting time and money damn!!! oklah then when i was waiting the other class that was at one went to see the new students punya orientation hahaha funny lah that one when i came they were ask to an explorace type adventure and go finding some shops around gaya and segama hahahahaha it was funny when seeing them just trying to figure out where was the penguin book store and F2G(this is the shop near the motorcycle shop at my college, a small cafe )
and there was a penalty for them if they cannot find all of the targets and kena suruh buat something hahahahahah ada sampai kena swim on da floor, menari kadazan+shuffle, draw names using the ass muahahahahahahahahahaha that was funny after not much happned so thats all lah

owhhhhhhh shit i cannot upload pic lahhhhhh bah nanti i edit lah bha