Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a young sabahan voice!!!!!!!

hmmmm........ i just sick of hearing when peninsular people ask sabahan "do you guys still live in trees" or " Do you guys still use sampans to go to school" OMFG do we sabahan look that so out of century?

why why they always ask this stupid question? I can accept if it is a kid that ask this but most of the time this question is always ask by a uni or a college student !@#$, Can't you guys just ask questions like "izzit true that sabahan girls are so prety?" or the usual " do you guys in sabah have to give high tribute to get married to a kadazan girl?

ok not just that why do the peninsular people are so damn racist , cmon u guys are promoting the 1 malaysia thingy but the best part you guys dont show it hahaha dont belive me try going to the peninsular and try to see the restaurant there, there is no malay eating in a chinese shop or vice versa duh and you peninsular people are ranting "1 MALAYSIA".

Okay this is one of my experience i was walking around KL and i was thirsty in that vicinity there was only a chinese coffee shop so like i always do just go in and sit but the best part the lady that owns the shop was shocked at me and start asking "eh ko buat apa masuk kedai saya?" when i heard that i was like duh and answered "apa lagi mau minumlah takan ko tak mau bisnes" the lady was more shocked and ask another question "you melayu kan" another trick question i answer "yalah so whats the problem" when she heard i spoke english she was baffled and asked another one "ko dari sabah or sarawak" felling lazy to answer i just nooded only after that she stoped asking. Okay that was weird after i finish my drink i called the lady to pay and leave but before leaving the lady appologize to me LOL XD, when i observed around then i notice okaylah one more example is the PLKN or so called NS when u see all of the ads on tv they show all the race work toghether hah like it is true , work toghether my arse in reality i does not work like this belive when i say it they dont work toghether they work against each other hahahahahahahahahahaa thats the irony

and the last thing that made my blood boil is the usage the "BUMIPUTRA" term to the peninsular people that the term is refered to them the !@#$%^ malays( i am not a malay never is and never will be one i am a sabahan)yah these peninsular bumis always boasting that they are bumis or what so ever but they dun even know the meaning of bumiputras and i think they dun even read they form 4 history text books yah these peninsular malay are all coming to my beloved land and claiming that they are bumis taking all of the GOVERMENT KP's and letting our local become they slave they come here got everything such furnished houses good salary, elaun this elaun that but when our people go there got nothing when asked "ehh sya orang bumi ngam lah saya dapat nie post" other than GOVERMENT POST these peninsular bumis are taking all of the local uni spots and leaving none for our sabahan bumis none. Even a 9 A spm student from is getting a hard time entering but the worst students from there got easily in what the heck is that further more the staight A student is also a bumi mah thats the reason why these uni students sucks

ok i hate to rant more i think this is enough for this time i continue i want to puch someone lah so bye bye

Dun tell Najib bout this post XD

Friday, October 16, 2009

HMMMMMMM ..... School work LOL XD

ok guys and gals of ATI welcome to my blog which i did not update for a long time because i am a lazy guy hihihiiihihihihih

due for my study that i was informed by our lovely miss(extra mark ok miss XD ) we all have to do a blog haiz ......

ok for introduction guys and girls who dun know me my full name is Ahmad Azree Azizzudin bi Ag Azli (OMG so long)born at the 25 nov 1988 but most people know me by my nickname Kobyakawa or Oltromen (ok thats all for the intro)

as for the blogs hmm havent think bout anything to talk yet but soon guys and gals