Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1 borneo Outing!!!!!

went out with CSP geng last sat at 1B , saja saja join coz lama i did not hang out with them hahahahaha coz i went there with my cuz ryuzaki and wanted to destress for one week sleeping in the SMC , went and join them to watch avatar

aduh punya sakit the ticket RM10 for a pangung kacil macam di growballll WTF nasib the movie was worth the money , best bha now i know alien pun pandai buat SEX wakakakakakakakakakaka but the most funny thing is the aliens are BLUE hahahah sakuya cant accept the fact when joana said biru and biru hahahahaha

ok lah the movie was good hahahahaahahaha it has the most powerful pickup line eva (spoiler alert)

Heroine: now you have become one of us you must chose a woman ,............. is a good hunter,....... is a good singer
Hero: I have oledy chosen my woman but she must choose me
Heroine: She has oledy choosen

then u know what come next but the Epic moment is this

supporting characther: Have u mated with this woman?
Heroine: yes we did in front of .......... and it is done

i was laughing when i heard that one bha after that we did take a group photo hahahahahahahaa there some funny shit happens we got a stalker and Mas taken some good candid pics

hahahahaha think of your caption mah

after that we went to eat , OMG punya lapar sya masa tue kick ehhhh jd after a wild goose chase for a good eating spot we all decided to eat at the food court and i gladly to tell you the place sucks!!! everything pun teda and the ordering system is so bad and my gawd it is so expensive liao sakit owhhhhh after that me and ryuzaki went home with zack's help , Thanks Zack i owe u my life XD

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hobbycon day 1 & 2

Ok guys and gals i have been missing for to long so for the comeback i am giving u all eyecandy muahahahahahahaha(bha some pics sya curik dari urang but of course sudah ditanya)

ok first is HOBBYCON 2009, well i has been 3 years since it has started and i glad to say this year HOBBYCON was the best with lotsa cosplayers coming for both days and this year again I volunteered to help and from the first day pun sudah sibuk kana jaga registration table for the cosplay competetion bukan sehari tapi dua waduh jadi for this year kurang pic i took but my face sana sini kena tag di facebook muahahahahahah XD FAMES baaa sya muahahahaah thanks to all who taged me and took the picthas

Here is our very cute maid Irene ( WOW you will always amaze me! 10 points for cuteness )

Hangmen and moebius discusing tactics for encountering all of the t-02 bio organic weapons

Hahaha RED BULL OVERDOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Look at crowd nice kan ! say it ! say it!

hahahahaha this will happen when we think of a crosover

nico: now i will kick your ARSE!
Shadow: like u can ko tiguk bha my lightsaber ko kalah punya
koby : Uihh nha why i am here?

OMG God has answered my prayers ! damn I forget to ask her hp number

top is pvc figure of TonyTony Chopa from onepiece,midle is kanou uncho(ngam kha my spelling) or sepa yang minat dynasty warior this is ganyu in female mode hahaha ooh forgot this babe is from ikki tousen(i know what u r thinking about the angle of the photo),and lastly is Morrigan from dark stalkers(nice boobs)

nah here is Hangmen with his costume

hahahaha one part of the H-laws skets

ok Kids SMOKING IS BAD!!!! Litsen to hangmen

Haruhi and the gang muahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

hihihihi jedi Master Peks Mas XD

not just I kena jaga registration kena jaga bag juga

Ehhhhhh now we know that bill from L4D has an Iphone fuyooooooooo

Nha SOB cosplay by Joana

Macam lain yang digambar tu tau!

Apa yang saya katawa tue ? jap sya ingat dulu

nha kena jadikan kuli lagi bha sian kan saya

damn i realy hate that red cow for being so CUTEeeeeee damn!!

aha sighted T-02 Bio Oragnic weapon Permision to open fire

hahahaha this one masa pasang banner on the first day

ok lah until here ja lain lain pic cannot be showed nanti u all report to police hihhihhihihi

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hail Dr Mahathir!!!!!!!!

hahahah it is has been a while since my last post , ok lah today i gonna rant about our 4th prime minister the famous and infamous Dr Mahathir Mohammad( is my spelling right lol XD)

well to the new generation and to tourist that read this blog I can say that Dr M is the father of Malaysia. Well for it took me 21 years to relized this I just relized this after reading his book "The Malay Dilema" and watching his Biography on the History channel on astro.

To some people and most politician during his time he was considered a dictator,a racist and maybe EVIL but after reading his book then i realized he is just a true malay guy that is trying to look after his race development . Ok when the new generation think about Dr M they will always remember him for the Petronas Twin towers but to tell you guys Dr M legacy is way beyond that. Aha i know you are thinking what else his others legacy are the punch card, Wawasan 2020, MSC and the new capital of Malaysia that is Putrajaya, well when we think we know him actualy we dont even know him.

Dr Mahathir politic life was smooth sailing but it was rough with some world leaders realy detest him such as Israel when he made some remarks about the JEWS

Dr M quote " The Jews rule the world by Proxy, they use other to their work for them"

and he even mock Gorge W Bush by saying that he is a guy that dont know anything around him and wants every nation in the world to bow to the US. Well after that there is a lot more but he made enemy but he made a lot of friends also, we owe it to him where He made we malaysian think that what others can do we can do and after that the term "MALAYSIA BOLEH" was born due to his look east policies by taking Japan as as role model.

with that sprit it was shown that we malaysian has achive so much like concering everest, Space, the North pole , and also we has done may thing it was all to him

Hmm hahaha now i dont what else to talk about so this the end till me meet later

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a young sabahan voice!!!!!!!

hmmmm........ i just sick of hearing when peninsular people ask sabahan "do you guys still live in trees" or " Do you guys still use sampans to go to school" OMFG do we sabahan look that so out of century?

why why they always ask this stupid question? I can accept if it is a kid that ask this but most of the time this question is always ask by a uni or a college student !@#$, Can't you guys just ask questions like "izzit true that sabahan girls are so prety?" or the usual " do you guys in sabah have to give high tribute to get married to a kadazan girl?

ok not just that why do the peninsular people are so damn racist , cmon u guys are promoting the 1 malaysia thingy but the best part you guys dont show it hahaha dont belive me try going to the peninsular and try to see the restaurant there, there is no malay eating in a chinese shop or vice versa duh and you peninsular people are ranting "1 MALAYSIA".

Okay this is one of my experience i was walking around KL and i was thirsty in that vicinity there was only a chinese coffee shop so like i always do just go in and sit but the best part the lady that owns the shop was shocked at me and start asking "eh ko buat apa masuk kedai saya?" when i heard that i was like duh and answered "apa lagi mau minumlah takan ko tak mau bisnes" the lady was more shocked and ask another question "you melayu kan" another trick question i answer "yalah so whats the problem" when she heard i spoke english she was baffled and asked another one "ko dari sabah or sarawak" felling lazy to answer i just nooded only after that she stoped asking. Okay that was weird after i finish my drink i called the lady to pay and leave but before leaving the lady appologize to me LOL XD, when i observed around then i notice okaylah one more example is the PLKN or so called NS when u see all of the ads on tv they show all the race work toghether hah like it is true , work toghether my arse in reality i does not work like this belive when i say it they dont work toghether they work against each other hahahahahahahahahahaa thats the irony

and the last thing that made my blood boil is the usage the "BUMIPUTRA" term to the peninsular people that the term is refered to them the !@#$%^ malays( i am not a malay never is and never will be one i am a sabahan)yah these peninsular bumis always boasting that they are bumis or what so ever but they dun even know the meaning of bumiputras and i think they dun even read they form 4 history text books yah these peninsular malay are all coming to my beloved land and claiming that they are bumis taking all of the GOVERMENT KP's and letting our local become they slave they come here got everything such furnished houses good salary, elaun this elaun that but when our people go there got nothing when asked "ehh sya orang bumi ngam lah saya dapat nie post" other than GOVERMENT POST these peninsular bumis are taking all of the local uni spots and leaving none for our sabahan bumis none. Even a 9 A spm student from is getting a hard time entering but the worst students from there got easily in what the heck is that further more the staight A student is also a bumi mah thats the reason why these uni students sucks

ok i hate to rant more i think this is enough for this time i continue i want to puch someone lah so bye bye

Dun tell Najib bout this post XD

Friday, October 16, 2009

HMMMMMMM ..... School work LOL XD

ok guys and gals of ATI welcome to my blog which i did not update for a long time because i am a lazy guy hihihiiihihihihih

due for my study that i was informed by our lovely miss(extra mark ok miss XD ) we all have to do a blog haiz ......

ok for introduction guys and girls who dun know me my full name is Ahmad Azree Azizzudin bi Ag Azli (OMG so long)born at the 25 nov 1988 but most people know me by my nickname Kobyakawa or Oltromen (ok thats all for the intro)

as for the blogs hmm havent think bout anything to talk yet but soon guys and gals

Friday, August 21, 2009

selamat menyambut ramadhan and hello good awesome bad food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahemmmmm................ since my last one still buzy and nearing my end of the term for this sems so got some free time wakakakakaka......

well as the title sugest i would like to say selamat menyabut bulan ramadhan and for me cuti for all the bad thing and most my activities so going to more inactive for this month but the best things are comming like gud food wakakakakakakakakaakakakaka well this month is the month of good food coming out such as cendol, yong tauhu, and many more wakakakakakaa well after ramadahan all activities will be resumed wakakakakaka

hmmm my cam still mia canno be found waaaaaaa i wan 2 take pics pun payah waaaaaaa damn

Sunday, June 21, 2009

hmm......... berkurun oledy sya ndak update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol it has been so long since i updated my blog berapa tahun sudah jap dikira dulu!!!!!!....................... ehh tak sampai pun setahun hahahahahaha...... well the reason behind it is to much work and last time my celcom broadband macam shit ........... coz my dad lupa bayar for one month lol ...............

ermm so much has happened to me well there the funny stuff and the not so funny stuff lah but anyways anything happen well no pic for the rest of blogs coz camera sya went MIA i forget where i put it lah ..... OMFG buleh lupa lagi tue.

body ndak fit lagi after one month off slacking at home playing dota saja hahahaha but i still noob muahahahahahaha........ my cats bertambah sudah...apa lagi sya mau tulis sya pun ndak tau......... next time lah tengah high fever bha nie so otak pun blank muahahahahahahaaa

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tension month

hmmm..... it has been a long time since i have been blogging and this month is the most tension month of all of the month first there is valentine day which is not so good for me seing many couple every where............ this remind me of my sad life plus the comment from my boss that is "susah ko mo carik gf " WTF........... ok other than that there is the trip for pulau tiga ...... hmmmm going this end of week hopefully jadik and lastly there is the Borneo cup dabate that i am participating also soooooooo..... arghhhhhh tensionnnnn

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hmm 3 days of forgetfullness

Hmm nothing happened in the last few days …… it is just a normal day …tomorrow class will start went to kk this day went to buy some new pen for college lolls …… all of pens either lost or finished ink …. Right noe On the bus heading for Tg aru for a frissbee session but not playing today planning on taking pics and bloging muahahahahahahaha …… also got to see a H2 hummer with Californian license plat hmm got to and one my dream car lol I dun know how much the guy is paying for his road tax and oil consumtion lol must be a freaking rich guy muahahahahhaahahaha…………………………… I want to go and take as much pic that I can so that I can compensate for the lack pic the recent blog muahhahahahahaha………………………. Got to save money for the cornflux pre-release party another 70 ringgau ….another 30 for the draft next week muahahahahahaha……… I need to draft for improving my game to be in league with Vivian and the rest hahahahahahahahaha …………….. just hoping for great 2009 nothing else ……. And working on my secondary blog that I hope will be a blast and it will be about food muahahahahahahah…….. my second love so hope u guys will visit it

hahahahah the post above was actualy done on sunday but forgot to post it , bah due to my own kecuaian to for forgeting to blog,sya just pick up what happened on for the next two days

ok on monday, aha .... my classes have started hahahahaha.......but being the first week malas mau datang but have to come jugalah even if its bikin panas ya bha apa ndak panas you woke up early, in my case 8 am and later know that the class was at 10.40(this was me own fault that i did not see the time table bagus bagus)ok when got into class just sit for 5 mins and told da class is over (WTF)hahahah went to meet Paul A.K.A nex on the forum about a job offer at 3 and then not much happened

now on selasa , lagi shit happend woke up the same time went to class and later found out that my lecturer MC fuck! two days of wsting time and money damn!!! oklah then when i was waiting the other class that was at one went to see the new students punya orientation hahaha funny lah that one when i came they were ask to an explorace type adventure and go finding some shops around gaya and segama hahahahaha it was funny when seeing them just trying to figure out where was the penguin book store and F2G(this is the shop near the motorcycle shop at my college, a small cafe )
and there was a penalty for them if they cannot find all of the targets and kena suruh buat something hahahahahah ada sampai kena swim on da floor, menari kadazan+shuffle, draw names using the ass muahahahahahahahahahaha that was funny after not much happned so thats all lah

owhhhhhhh shit i cannot upload pic lahhhhhh bah nanti i edit lah bha