Friday, August 21, 2009

selamat menyambut ramadhan and hello good awesome bad food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahemmmmm................ since my last one still buzy and nearing my end of the term for this sems so got some free time wakakakakaka......

well as the title sugest i would like to say selamat menyabut bulan ramadhan and for me cuti for all the bad thing and most my activities so going to more inactive for this month but the best things are comming like gud food wakakakakakakakakaakakakaka well this month is the month of good food coming out such as cendol, yong tauhu, and many more wakakakakakaa well after ramadahan all activities will be resumed wakakakakaka

hmmm my cam still mia canno be found waaaaaaa i wan 2 take pics pun payah waaaaaaa damn

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maslight said...

kuyak sudah ni blog lama inda update. anyways selamat berposa..jan lupa jemput hari raya hee~ XD