Saturday, December 6, 2008

hobbycon 2008 first day

hmmm.......... at last i deciceded to start bloging so this will be my first blog..... anyways i hope you guys will give me more tips to beef up my blog

so for my first blog i am going to blog about this year hobbycon hmm the first day just fin about 5 hours ago and almost everybody was bushed and mentally tired terutama the magic players such a stressfull day and a new champion was crowned ... that is edwin so we cannot call colin the champion anymore wakakak.. just kidding he will be always the champion

anyways other than that i was one of the volunteer for this year hobbycon but watching over the figures aint that fun most of the time is boring but luckyly there was nerdpride there to talk to me and he is one cool guy and i was impresed he came all the way from sandakan to join this year hobbycon well the duty i was given was watching over the 1/6 scale model along with my cousin ,hangmen,hangmen bro,nerdpride and i dun remember whos the other guy lol(sori)

thats nerdpride siting behind the figurrines...... anyways other than that next to us is the maid cafe hahahaha... at last a maid cafe here in kk but only for two days wakakaka u can see joana cosplaying as maid sori lah the pic is small and hangmen cosplay this year and he got quite famous for today with his special forces costume

other than that the cosplayers for this year is has increased and there were a lot of good cosplayers these are some of the pic lah ...... hope tomorow will be more damn good

hmm other than that i got the tatse of left 4 dead man and it was fun and it eventhought i was scared playimg that game and made some funny reaction wakaka..... RA3 is also okay but nothing has change that much for that game just the graphic up lift and the new super power that is japan nothing much liao

so tomorow will the last day so enjoy my self again with all of the guys and i hope that i will be playin for the sealed deck tourney tomolo and more pics will be coming wkakaka


Edgar said...

nah.. ur comment section hilang virgin sudah..

later will show u abt blogging.. but i dun hv lappy tomolo.. ADEH!

Koros said...

wooo.. baru..

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world, dude!