Sunday, December 14, 2008

futsall and frissbee!!!! weeee

Huh ,what a sunday i had woke up at 8 this morning super early for my standard lol i usualy wake up at 2 or 3 pm wakakakakkaa... well had woke up early today coz at two i went to play futsal wuth rainer and the other cspian.... well bikin panat bah tu game liao ..... i can only play for 40 min max due to my nafas dunhill wakakaka..... but that ok i almost fainted liao................ injured my knee wakakaka but that is just a scrath nothing like rainer yang 10 min into the game injured his neck and can't play for the rest of the game ....... lol after the futsal i tag along with dino and dias to tg aru to see them playing frissbe well it took me a while to figure out the rules and alstly join the game lol hah it was hell of a day


maslight said...

nah...kurangkan lah merokok XD

clerence said...

merokok sikit sikit bulih bah tu~