Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hobbycon day 1 & 2

our package ( what the Heck it is OBAMA)
contact made with PEDO BEAR

hmmmmm its has been another long time since i posted and its oledy that time of year again it is HOBBYCON again well this year was awesome not just awesome but uber awesome man well this years has it's benchmark happening.
2. My cosplay debut ( Awesome)
3. PEDOBEAR apearence (not just one but two)

hahaha there is other than these three there were others but so hard to discribe well here is the full report

Day 1
had breakfast with Abu, Massy,rips, sakuya and the rest of the gang at fook yuen KK. after that we moved toward city mall around 0845 and arived at 0850 where we were greeted by mr Sotong and i was briefed on my objective for the day and at around1000 i start my mission after an hour most of the objective has been completed.
so i made the decision to randevouz with Zim kajima call sign "Hangmen" we made contact and discussed when we will start to suit up and it was agreed at 1200 we will suit up, so at 1200 we suit up and unveiled was expecting a huge crowd but due to the both placement we did not receive the attention so we just let it be around 1300 contact was made with Federal Agent Abu Rafi after that i and Agent Abu went on a patrol just checking the enviroment after that patrol agent abu and me returned to Hangmen command center where we found out that he is alone this year in holding the front so we decided to help him and he was quite popular with locals which can get enough of him . so many flashes made my eyes hurt damn! hahahahah well after that me and agent abu also got the attention .
Around 1425 hangmen and Agent Abu went for lunch leaving me to watch the front and as time goes by nothing much happen when they came back we continued in watching the front at around 1600 our friend revliss came and we ask him to look at the front while we go on and check the results for the individual cosplay competition
after that a group photo session and RTB

contact made with more enforcers

photo session of day 1
on my way to make contact with hangmen
this is contact call sign "Hangmen"

Special Agent Abu Rafi
Day 2
well day two start of normally but due to interference cannot make contact to hangmen until around 1130 but today we had another soldier joining us call sign "Mr AK" the day just went normally nothing much to report all of the assigned package that has been ordered to protect is well and healthy until around 1500 when we start our patrols and man we are famous people are flocking toward us for pics and that when we made contact with 2 PEDOBEARS " i was like what 2" at first we did not take notice but suddely a sharp pain came from no where

as i was closing my eyes in order to halt the suden pain my friends that heard my scream to action one was pulling me to safety while the other to defensive stance

as for me the identity of the asailent is still a mystery i pulled my side arm and get ready to shoot as my eyes opened i was to get a shock of my life

i can only gasp at the moment my head went blank for a moment but lucky for me my friends manage to subdue the PEDOBEARS

as we were subduing the suspects one of them manage to get free and taken a hostage! i was like "OMG this is turning real bad!"

i went after him and tried to break him down but it was hard after a short while Agent Abu joined into the fray

as i was looking for hangmen and unexpected backup arived and manage to scare the hell out of the PEDOBEAR. i can only laugh at that moment

and the suprise backup was

A SPACE MARINE !! the PEDOBEAR directly surrendered and we manage to subdue him again
for our deed in solving the crisis were given a token of apreaciation by the organizer that is MR Sotong saying a job well done

PS: all of the pics do not belong to me and were legally ask for permision to be use

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